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TikTok Considers An Instagram Style Framework And Other Innovations

By July 29, 2019Uncategorized

Going The Instagram Route

A highly popular video application is now considering various innovations including some Instagram style features such as an Instagram Explore, Discover page, an Account Switcher, and others.

tiktok profile page

These innovations were recently discovered by Jana Manchun Wong, reverse-engineering specialists, who created several screenshots of the innovations and post them on Twitter.

TikTok officials refused to provide any further details about the firm’s plans, however, they confirmed that the firm is currently working on these new features and innovations.

“Our company is always searching for ways to improve the application and provide the best possible service to our users,” the official acknowledged.

Jana Manchun Wong has already developed different tools and features for this app. For instance, an algorithmically based “For You” page is probably the best innovation made by this developer. The users now have an opportunity to move through each video while looking one by one within a vertical feed-style layout. This new version seems more like an Explore page on Instagram, and it provides a grid-style framework. The users also have a possibility to easily pass any videos. They do not have to watch them if they do not have a desire to do so which means they can focus only on the best things there. The framework allows the users to simply tap the desired video, thanks to the user-friendly interface. A lot of videos are simultaneously visible on the page and such a feature increase speed of searching.

Discover tab is also a nice innovation and another key tool the company currently develops. It is going to be implemented as a part of the application’s main navigation.

This button is, in fact, a replacement for the present Search tab, which is currently merged with an increasing glass icon. You can presently use the Search section to enter keywords and receive various results typically filtered by hashtags, sounds, users, and videos. The most popular trading hashtags are also visible on the main page, and they are often helpful when it comes to navigation. The Discover tab, however, has a people icon because the button is mainly intended to support you while searching for new friends and contacts on the app.

The Prospect

The change might be a serious one if the implementation succeeds. It has the potential to significantly improve the usability of TikTok, and it is coming in an important moment when the app has gathered a large follower base. TikTok starts are usually favored by the younger generations who prefer it instead of older and traditional social media sites. The users even flooded VidCon earlier this month, and it creates a strong impression that watching online videos is moved up to another level.

There is also a “Suggested Users” feature, which is particularly useful when it comes to highlighting top talents. The listed members have a nice chance to become top makers on the application. That’s how a lot of Twitter and Viners users boosted their follower bases at the beginning.

Still, TikTok split up with Instagram, and it is not testing these new features, which are based on popularity measures. Some tests point out the “Like” scores on every video on Hashtags and Sound pages, and a correct number of downloads are also visible for all the videos.

It is definitely a great change considering the competitive nature of such applications. And the present time is significant for the development of this type. Instagratiktok new feature: suggested usersm, for example, started a test that hides like counts, and it is particularly implemented in a number of different countries. The implementation began after a strong public pressure related to anxiety the service causes.

These counts and measures served as a nice tool for different estimations in the old days. They were also a good motivator for a higher number of frequent posts, but the growth of social media members has made various changes, and many are not satisfied with the attention they get from other users.

Other Features

The app is also getting notes on integrations with some other social platforms, and that’s quite similar to explorations of Facebook, Messanger apps, Instagram, and WhatsApp. These applications have provided solutions to transfer traffic between the platforms.

Several features Wong discovered were based on developing connections with social applications. They support and improve integration with WhatsApp, for example. Or they can allow users to connect their Facebook and Google accounts with the application.

A few more features have been tested too, and it includes an account swither design, which is similar to Instagram’s one. A “Liked by Creator” badge has been also included in the testings as well as the TikCode that moves from members profiles in the application settings.tiktok new feature - liked by creator


However, one serious warning stands here with all this because an innovation noted in the application’s code does not necessarily mean that it is going to be launched to the public.

Any of these features might be tested in private and then scrapped completely, or they are maybe still in progress. The ability to see different types of testing at the same time helps to develop a bigger and more complete picture on the future of this application. It is not currently possible without reverse engineering that Wong performs, and that’s the benefit of the entire operation. It helps you to understand the full TikTok’s potential.


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