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Tiktok fans booster 2019 – How to get fans on Tiktok.

By December 30, 2018March 3rd, 2019Free Tiktok Fans

Tiktok fans booster 2019 – Some tips to accelerate your Tiktok fame.

Continuing the success of Musically, Tiktok has been exploding in the past few months. Tiktok celebrities are accumulating millions of fans every week. If you are looking to gain some popularity on the app but don’t know how to, don’t worry, we got you covered. Below are some tips that can make you a Tiktok star. However, getting fame from scratch can take quite a while. We highly recommend you use our Tiktok fans booster to jumpstart your exposure and work your way from there.

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Got your Tiktok fans increase already? Let’s go.

Some of our favorite Tiktok fans booster tips.

Number 1: Have the correct setting

Tiktok has many modes for you to choose from: Slow motion, very fast, time-lapse and epic. Choosing the right mode for your style is crucial. We suggest trying all the modes out, see what you like then stick with it. That way, you’ll make yourself a persistent style of performance which will encourage people to follow you.

It’s difficult to produce a proper video if you’re recording yourself when having the phone in the corner of the room. Apparently, not all angles are equal, not to mention lighting. Try out different angles and light settings, see what suit your style then stick with it. Be consistent and you’ll have your Tiktok fans increase in no time. There are products that make getting a good angle easier, namely tripods or pop sockets. Alternatively, ask your friends to film for you.

Number 2: Be creative

Sometimes, people get bored seeing the same type of video on Tiktok over and over. There are hundreds of ways to make an interesting Tiktok video. Watch some clips for ideas, tweak it, make some personal changes and make it your own. You might even start a new trend on the platform.

Number 3: Utilize your background

That means don’t always make videos in your bedroom. The background can be as important as your performance. You don’t always have to use a lot of effort to have a good background. It could be your blanket hanging up, or a special wall in your kitchen. Remember, people can only see what’s behind you, not the whole room.

Number 4: Follow trends

To get your Tiktok fans increase, sometimes, you can utilize trends to get exposure. We’re talking about challenges. There are challenge trends on Tiktok all the time. Pay attention to those, determine what’s rising and take that tide from time to time to see how far it gets you. There is one effective way to find trends on Tiktok, that is by using hashtags. Tapping on hashtags of challenges allows you to see the trending level of any given challenge. Also, don’t forget to use proper hashtags for your videos. Along with our Tiktok fans booster, this will give you the kickstart you need towards Tiktok fame.

More tips to get the Tiktok fans increase you deserve

Number 5: Post at the right time

What if I tell you posting video at random time is wasting your potential? Statistically, uploading your video when people use Tiktok the most will give you more views most of the time. According to researches, people use social media (including Tiktok) the most at 11 am – 12 pm, 5 pm-7 pm and 9 pm-11 pm. Therefore, save your videos, publish them at above time frames when users are most active and notice the difference.

Number 6: Be consistent and patient about your Tiktok fans increase

There are literally thousands of people uploading videos on Tiktok everyday. Internet users nowadays have a short attention span and memory for things on social media. Stop uploading for a week and people might forget you ever existed. Therefore, try to upload a video once a day or once every two days at the very least. Plus, don’t give up when things are slow, one viral video can get your account a huge boost. In case you missed it, use our Tiktok fans increase tool to get started and shorten the road to fame.

Number 7: Harmonize with the lyrics

This is something a lot of Tiktokers miss. People often focus on the melody of the song but not the lyrics. Dancing, making gestures that fit the lyrics can produce a synchronizing effect that makes your performance more appealing. Try to be flexible, especially with for fingers and wrists and jam to the lyrics.

That concludes our tips for your Tiktok fans increase need. For your convenience, here’s the link to our tiktok fans booster tool again. With applications like Tiktok, everyone can be famous online. Having the right mindset and strategy will get you far. However, don’t forget the #1 thing when using the platform: Have fun. What’s the point in being famous if you don’t have fun doing it?


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