TikTok Fined for Collecting and Misusing Personal Information from Preteens

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After a huge across the globe, China’s TikTok (known as Douyin in China) has hit a bumper in the United States of America. This popular video-sharing app has got into trouble and agreed to pay a fine of $5.7 million as a fine.

This app got accused of illegally collecting private data from teenagers under the age of 13. That personal information included children’s email, names, their address and location.

According to a statement released by the US Federal Trade Commission, this fine is charged for a child privacy case.

ByteDance, a $75 billion startup, owns TikTok. This app quickly got popular across the globe and gained over half a billion users. It is proven more successful than other Chinese-owned social media apps and sites. While other Chinese social media ventures failed to gain any success outside China, TikTok gained a huge response.

The fine is originally related to, which was a similar app to TikTok bought by ByteDance back in 2017 and later merged with TikTok in the last year. The investigation was in progress against that revealed some unethical practices.

That alleged app was gathering and sharing the location of young kids. Although thousands of parents registered complaints against this action, the company did not take any action to remove that personal information about underage kids. kept that information for a long time and used it illegally.

TikTok management has also released a statement, showing commitment to create measures and protect users.

This company has recently launched a new and separate app for younger users in the USA. They cannot perform many operations like sharing their creative videos on TikTok, chat with other users, commenting on other videos, maintaining followers and a profile. They will also need parents’ assent to create an account.

When was first introduced in 2014, it allowed users to upload and share their short videos lipsyncing to popular movies scenes and songs. It was necessary for the users to share their phone number, email ID, name, and a short bio to create an account.

Collecting such personal details was enough to prove was violating the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA.

Many youngsters had registered on Musically, revealing their age, birth date, photos, and schools, as FTC mentioned in its complaint. had succeeded in gaining over 65 million registered users in the US only before it merged with TikTok. Thousands of parents had complained to the company, requesting their teenage children had joined the app without their assent. According to COPPA’s guidelines, internet companies must gain verifiable parental consent before gathering, disclosing, or using personal details collected from children.

When numerous parents complained, simply shot down preteens’ accounts. It did not remove underage users’ profile details and videos from its servers, as FTC complaint revealed.

In several instances, adults tried to communicate children through the app. The commission also said that the alleged app also allowed other users to find users in a 50-mile radius along with their location till October 2016.

Along with $5.7 million fine, TikTok also agreed to remove all the videos published by children under age 13.

TikTok is certainly not the only company that violated the United States’ child privacy law. Verizon (VZ) owned Oath had also agreed to pay $5 million in December for misusing information as geolocation and cookies to put online ads on web portals targeting preteens.

Playdon, a subsidiary of Disney, was also agreed to pay $3 million as a settlement in 2011 for gathering and showcasing children’s details in multiplayer online games. Companies, which did not comply with the laws, have been fined in the USA time-and-again.

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Tiktok: Just Another Meme Generator?

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Tiktok And Memes

Moden youth culture is always changing, and the Internet is a big part of this. Social media has become very popular with young people, and one site they are gravitating to is called TikTok. This app features short videos that allow users to lip-sync to popular music via some copyright agreements. The site also has a robust ecosystem for those that like to use memes. There are various memes such as T-poses, Fortnite dances and other videos that you can view. The site keeps alive the youthful tradition of irony.

In Louisville, Kentucky,  high-school junior Sophiya indicates that she spends around three hours each day online on Instagram. Around late September she began to view TikTok videos and then this ramped up into October. She is currently following around 20 meme accounts on the Instagram site.

Another user is fourteen-year-old Blaire who follows around 75-100 accounts on the Instagram site and began to view TikTok videos around the same time as Sophiya. Lily is another high school student that follows around 15-20 meme accounts on Instagram.  All three of these girls got immerses in the Internet culture as they transitioned from middle school to high school. In the views of TikTok, these girls are their main target demographic. Sophiya was familiar with when it was at its peak, but she finds the videos form TkTok to be different.

Many TikTok videos follow the split-screen structure.  On one side of the screen is a user who acts out the setup and then on another side, there is a user that will deliver the punchline. This is called the “duet” feature, and it works about the same as it does on Twitter when you quote-tweet someone or like it does on Tumblr when you reblog someone. An individual can share what someone else has posted and comment on the posted content.

The duet feature in TikTok would seem like it would add trust but it has become a  one way for trolling, and this has become its own subgenre. The shorthand form of this is called “ironic TikTok.”

Lily indicated that her account is full of TikTok memes and indicated that any of the videos are of individual making fun of others. The site recently has an update, and you now have the ability to opt-out of the dueting, but you can circumvent this by using tools like screen recording.

Depending upon the individual that is viewing and where it’s being viewed, TikTok has taken on varying connotations. Large sites like Facebook and Google have expanded the accessibility of the Internet, but they have made the Internet kind of flat and loud, which bores the average teenager. Sites like Instagram with its memes and YouTube with its videos take the Internet and curate the content, so it’s condensed, palatable and comprehensible.  Users find it more convenient to have the content brought to them instead of having to go out and then find it. SophiyaThe Kate’s that the content she encounters on accounts that feature memes comes from other platforms, Tumblr post, screenshotted tweets, TikTok videos and so on.

Adults face the same thing as they get most of their information from their Twitter timeline or their Facebook news feed. Younger users use social media accounts to perform and browsing for them. They like the fact that the accounts bring them the content that they would like to see the most Anna content that will get the biggest emotional reaction out of them.

Adult Tiktok Users

Many teenagers and young adults are familiar with TikTok videos on Instagram and YouTube, but not many of them had downloaded the actual app for the program. There are several channels on YouTube that future memes and it holds a strong appeal to the alt-right audience as well as Generations Z.

In terms of the alt-right, you will find more aggressive videos such as those that feature homophobia, misogyny, racism, and transphobia. Some of these memes even feature Nazi symbols such as Nazi paraphernalia or swastikas and tend to be crueler in nature. Many of these videos are getting thousands of views each day And already have millions of views, so it’s a bit disconcerting. One video features a teenage girl that has an apron and a mixing bowl, and she is holding a handwritten side which says “property.”

The culture wars for the next generation are going to be fought on the internet. Online curators such as YouTube and Instagram are going to play a large role in this. While Tik Tok is a new app for children and those that have technical knowledge it shows how information can be distributed online. It shows that viral videos no matter what their nature can be distributed online and the types of content that people are sharing.

It’s a shame that a lot of this content is appealing to the worst instincts of human beings. Content should be shared, but the types of content people are sharing are a cause for some concern.

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Be The Talk On Tiktok

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Tiktok is the talk of the generation. Youth from most parts of the world are greatly impressed and attracted by this app. Tiktok is the most famous latest media app in trend. Especially youth all over the world are highly addicted to this app. Tiktok is a media app which allows users to create and upload short videos. This app was initially developed in China in the year 2016, and within a span of 2 years, this app has spread among the youth worldwide.

About Tiktok

This application has been developed in different languages, and currently, it is available in 75 languages and more than 150 markets. The app has got almost more than 500 million global users in just two years, and this shows the popularity of the app worldwide. In many countries, the app is ranked as no.1 mobile app and has got billions of videos updated till now. Want to get fans on tiktok? Read further.

Many of the celebrities have also joined this platform, and it is spreading widely. Tiktok has recently merged with another popular startup, and has greatly increased the number of accounts and fans.

The app allows its users to create their own videos of about 15sec to 1 minute and upload it on tiktok and other social media platforms. The app has got various additional features like background music, speed controlling features and many such editing filters which is actually making the usage of app interesting for youth. They can create their own videos and exhibit their talent on different social media platforms which are viewed by millions of people around the world. This gives them popularity and Fame. This app is very useful for music aspirants who are capable of creating their own piece of music as it can give them great opportunities with increasing popularity.

How to get popular on Tiktok?

If you are a music lover and love making new bits of music or if you have got an excellent voice to attract thousands of people, then tiktok can be the platform you are looking for. Are you worried about how to get more likes and followers on tiktok? Tiktok has obtained millions of users around the world, and viewers around the world can see  the videos you upload here. With increasing number of viewers, likes, followers, and fans you can get a great chance to perform live in front of thousands of fans in the future. Because of that, Tiktok may give you all the popularity and fan following you are looking for to gain popularity.

Tiktok actually enables you to reach millions of people around the world in just minutes. With this app you can sing, dance, lip-sync or mimic and then edit that video, add suitable background music for it and share on your tiktok app and other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This gives your videos hundred of likes and followers and more fans on tiktok. We proudly present to you one of the best free tools to date:

Access Button To Tiktok Tool

Want to increase the likes and followers?

Have you uploaded many videos and got a poor response? Worried about how to get fans on tiktok? Are you disappointed with the number of likes you get? Don’t you have a high number of followers on tiktok? Want to get huge followers and be popular? Then, you can use these simple techniques to gain popularity and a great number of followers in minutes. Yes, there are many online services and Tiktok tools that can help you get the desired number of users in minutes and increase your popularity. These tools allow you get genuine followers and fans which can actually help you to get more popularity in tiktok. Just visit online sites that provide tiktok service tools and get the number of fans you desire.

You have a number of such online tools available in play store or APK. Free musically followers,, followers guide for musically, Followersup, Free tiktok fans, Musifame, Crown for musically followers, Get fans for musically, Tiktok Fame are some of the tools that help you to generate fans and followers. Most of the tools are free. Some of them can just be accessed online by creating an account or user id, some needs to be downloaded from play store. Most of them are free tools while you may need to pay some small amount of money for a few tools. But they give you all new tricks and tutorials to grow and keep yourself updated in the run.

No worries about safety.

While using tiktok app are tiktok tools you need not worry about safety aspects. These tools give you only genuine followers who actually help to increase your popularity. They help you by providing followers authorized followers. Admitedly, these sites work regularly and keep themselves updated so that they can best assist the users. There is no need to worry about illegal accounts or spams. The sites would have done enough background work to select genuine follower accounts. They employ certain programs and algorithms which are specially designed with Unicode and PHP which allows you to generate thousands of followers in a few minutes. These apps are highly user-friendly and work very quickly on web-based platforms. They give you great increase in number of likes and followers.

Steps to register to get great number of fans and followers instantly

If you are a regular user of tiktok and want to be famous by increasing the number of likes and followers to your tiktok account, then follow these simple steps to get a significant number of followers in minutes.

Access our tiktok tool.

Enter a username/id.

Select the number of followers you require. Turn on proxy setting for extra safety.

Then, press on the “verify now” button. The tool will then verifies whether you are a human or robot and answer the verification questions.

With this, you will get the desired number of followers and fans in your tiktok account.

But one must also be careful in choosing the sites and tools for generating followers. There are few fake sites that may misuse the user’s details. Therefore, always go for fully protected and authentic sites with proxy servers that assure you safe, private platforms. Choose the sites that give you guaranteed data protection and stay away from cyber crimes.


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